30 Minute - Family Reading
All of your relationships and career success begins with your family connections. Also, your spiritual growth and sense of meaning and purpose revolves around evolving your relationship to your birth family. 
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The Family Vedic Astrology Reading Includes:
Sun and 10th House Ruler Capacity - Your father and your connection to your father provided the foundation of how you take power and why. This affects your career and your willingness to work hard for the things that are worth sacrificing for, Even when it stops feeling good to you in the moment..

The Moon and 4th house Capacity - Your mother and your connection to your mother provided the foundation of how you connect to your heart, experience your emotions, and bond with others. This affects your relationships in general, but more specifically what you're comfortable with, for better or worse - your attachment style, etc.

Mars/Mercury and 3rd house Capacity - Your siblings and your connection to them provided a foundation of how you learn through experimentation and play and test your ideas with your peers. This is important for you to meet the normal and healthy battles of life with humor and courage. It's important to be able to win and lose in life, dust yourself off and get back on your feet.

Jupiter and 5th and 9th house Capacity - Your children and teachers and your connection to them shows what inspires you and what you love in the highest sense, beyond your personal desires and any feeling of reciprocation. This ultimately defines your higher beliefs and allows you to see yourself as more than just a human, struggling here on earth. What is your purpose?

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After you pay DO NOT CLOSE the browser as it has instructions about how to send me your information for the reading. Your reading will be delayed if you fail to submit your information. 

Allow approximately 2 weeks for this reading to be sent to you.   

Allow approximately 2 weeks for this reading to be sent to you.